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Month Talk Speaker Links
April Introduction to cryptography - the maths lite version Jonathan Bloomfield  
March Government-funded Occupational Maps in Tech & Digital Derrin Kent  
February IT Security? Pete Rucinski  
January Start to Exit: making a success of your tech venture Dr Adrian Burden  


Month Talk Speaker Links
November Your password, no, MY password - why does everyone go on about it? Ian  
October How to run a red team without losing friends and alienating people Gemma Moore  
September Cybersecurity Engineering and autonomous vehicles Liz  
July Physical Security: The steps taken to break in Tom
June How to Hack a Car Sophia McCall  
May Lock picking workshop Daniel Barker  
April Hacking a Satellite Ingest System Josh Allman  
March Network steganography - what is it, and why should we care? Jonathan  
February Practicing Safe Sex(t) Tia C  
January Rising Threat to OT Simon Moore  


Month Talk Speaker Links
November Guinness, Brown Ale & Salty Liquorice - the Ongoing Misadventures of an Itinerant Cybrarian Matt Treadwell
October Electronics Hacking, part 2 Dr Andrew Blyth
  Tor 101 - an introduction to Tor Dan Little  
September Domain Takeovers Daniel Oats-Lee
  One bot to rule them all - Tradecraft development using sheepl Matt Lorentzen
July Super Predators Campbell Murray
May Intrusion tools for Windows Mathew Hickey
  Foundations: Risk 101 Tom Quinn
April Electronics 101 hacking Dr Andrew Blyth
March TBC Holly Grace Williams
  iPhone Hack James  
February Secure Stack within eCora’s L1 blockchain eCora
January Amateur Radio And Amateur TV Justin Cockett  
  Insider Threat And UBA James Rowell  


Month Talk Speaker Links
November How Easy Is It To A Super Yacht? Richard Hodder
  Hacking Droids Mike Jones
October Spicy Persistence Ugi YouTube
  Do You Wanna Build A Think Tank? James Bore
September How To Spoof 97% Of Email Accounts Chris Powell YouTube
  API Pentesting Demystified Campbell Murray
August PCB Production Today And In The Future Andrew Hughes
  Effective Phishing Data YouTube
July RF Hacking Toymaker
June API Economy, For Security Professionals Toast YouTube
  Cryptocurrencies: How They Work And How To Use Them Cyrus Massey-Cook YouTube
May IoT Forensics Andrew Blyth
  OSINT For Cyber Threat Hunting Emma Kocik
April The Anthropotechnicon - In Cyber Security There Is No Such Thing As Human Error Professor Danny Dresner
March Inside IcedID: Anatomy Of An Infostealer Joel Snape
  Social engineering Adventures Of A Pentester Tirath Rai
February So You Want To Be A CISO? Rob Newby
  Hacking The Grid With Firmware Chris Powell YouTube
January How To Reign In The Cloud DeathsPirate
  Dissecting The ENISA Baseline Recommendations For IoT Security AtomicNicos


Month Talk Speaker Links
November Diving Head First Into The Wonderful world Of OSINT And Social Engineering Stuart Peck
  Data Mining Open Samba The Pandora Box Is Opened Once Again! Paolo Di Prodi
October How To Love The Jobs You Hate Campbell Murray
July Pwning Your Thoughts Nicola Whiting
  Vulnerability Hunting & Responsible Disclosure BeeFaauBee
June 50 Million Downloads And All I Got Was Malware Andy Pannell
  Introduction To Linux Heap Exploitation Max Kamper
Lab resources
May Black Market Data Ian Thornton-Trump
  Use Of ML/AI On Edge IOT Devices Toast YouTube